s_roseSheldon Rose is the principal tutor at TutorMeTeam and has over 30 years of experience in tutoring students ranging from elementary all the way through graduate school. He received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Miami and brings a warm, positive attitude into every tutoring session. His constant encouragement helps to reinforce tough concepts in simple-to-understand terms.

Call and speak with Mr. Rose today to learn more about TMT’s tutoring services – his direct line is 954-868-2770.


  1. Evelyn says:

    Mr. Rose and his tutormeteam are absolutely fantastic!! Hands down, he is the BEST math tutor ever!!! If your child is struggling in math, rest assure that your worries have come to an end. With Mr. Rose, you will watch your child turn around and start to understand and perform well. Confidence and happiness will take over your child’s anxiety and before long, this will reflect in school grades. My child was going to fail his Senior year as all the struggling math years had finally caught up to him. He was so far behind, he had to make up 4 years in one. I thank God for putting Mr. Rose and Tutormeteam in our path. Everything changed after that 🙏🏽🥰 Thank-you so much!!! ❤

    1. tutormeteam says:

      Evelyn, it was my pleasure to work with your son. He is a very bright young man and once he understood the concepts he had missed before, there was no stopping him. I am so proud of him and always look forward to hearing about his future successes!

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