Standardized Test Prep

sat offers standardized exam preparation for the GED, SAT, ACT, GRE, & GMAT. We specialize in providing students with personalized, individual test preparation, customized to their own specific needs. We can also teach small group classes if you would like to meet and study with friends online.  We keep our classes small to allow for ample student instructor interaction – this is what sets us apart from the national training services.

In preparing students for the standardized exams, there are two crucial issues we tackle. First is to review and reinforce all the math concepts the students need to be knowledgeable in to perform well on the quantitative sections of the exams. Secondly, we teach the students how to attack the exam through simulated practice tests under actual testing conditions. We help prepare them to recognize different types of problems and patterns of problems which will appear over and over again on the quantitative sections, the most efficient strategies to solving the problems, and provide an overall education to utilizing time pressure, and other exam variables to attain maximum scores.

TutorMeTeam works closely with each individual student, learning their specific deficiencies in helping prepare them for the standardized exam. We believe in providing a relaxed, but intensive learning environment, which will contribute significantly to the student reaching maximum scores.

Our results in preparing students for the various standardized exams have been phenomenal. We have tutored many students who have contacted us after first attempting some of the well-known test preparation services, complaining to us that their scores were unsatisfactory. We have significantly improved their scores in addition to greatly helping first time test-takers who value the individual attention we provide in preparing them for the standardized tests.